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Any martensitic stainless ( all cutlery grades ) can be cooled / quenched in nitrogen gas. I presume it is gas and has significant circulation to speed cooling . The cutlery grades are all have very good hardenability and do not need rapid cooling. In my experience , nitrogen gas cooling would be very unusual ( not needed ) for martensitic stainless. It ...


Lightly scratch surface with fine scouring pad...Mix 2 teaspons of salt with warm water in 12 oz spray bottle and lightly mist sheet metal until completely wet...Rust will begin basically immediately ( not to naked eye) because its caused from Oxygen and moisture


Lead, probably free, cut it with scissors to any size, about 50% more dense than steel, copper and nickel. In the US plumbing stacks ( roof penetration vents) normally are covered with sheet lead ( Measured at 0.039" , basically 1 mm- unusual for a US product.), when new shingles are put on , I pick up a couple of the old lead liners / flashing. I think ...


I assume a hole in the middle doesn't matter. Penny washers (also called mudguard washers, fender washers, or repair washers) are thick enough (often 1.2mm) and made of steel. The smaller sizes are usually 25mm diameter, but M8 and M10 are certainly available in 40 and 50 mm diameter. You can get them in hardware shops, but there's more choice on ebay, at ...

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