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I use white chalk writer brand Craft decor from the Dollar Tree to draw my sketch then after im done scratching i dab away the white marks with water...if white marks remain i use a clear acrylic sealer and it works out great!


If instead you choose the stainless steel finish mug you'll know what the surface is, and be able to choose a paint. The others may well be powder-coated (and baked) rather than enamelled. With stainless I'd use paints intended for exterior metals, bought more as building supplies than craft supplies. Unfortunately tins will be rather large, and colours ...


You can fire artwork on porcelain and it will be permanent. Pretty much any other surface won't be. Even commercially applied artwork wears off and washes off eventually. If you know the actual surface material/finish (like by contacting the manufacturer), you can optimize the decoration for adhesion and durability. You can protect the decoration by ...


Here is a chart for metric/US/UK conversions with crochet hook sizes as welll: Metric(mm) US UK Crochet 2.0 1 14 -- 2.25 1 13 B 2.5 1.5 -- -- 2.75 2 12 C 3.0 2.5 11 -- 3.25 3 10 D 3.5 ...

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