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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

When you are not sure what material to use as a base for your project or task, such as type of fabric, paper or metal. Try to be as specific as possible to help narrow down choices.
233 questions
should be used when asking general questions about the act or process of painting itself (verb form) - i.e. applying paints in a controlled manner, usually with brushes or similar tools - to …
189 questions
For questions about the use of pens, pencils, chalk, etc. to create images or patterns on a 2-D surface.
183 questions
The craft of connecting two things using a needle and thread. This tag can cover all methods from hand-sewing to machine sewing. Questions specifically about specialty "sewing" crafts like embroidery …
175 questions
For questions regarding general glues, pastes and tapes.
167 questions
For questions about the selection, use and characteristics of paper in arts and crafts.
156 questions
A liquid substance spread over a surface to apply color. Use for general questions about paint, or when trying to select an appropriate paint for a project. For the process of applying paint, the "pai…
114 questions
Selecting a tool based on requirements of a specific application or project.
96 questions
For questions about all types of fabric and textiles. Use with the specific fabric material, such as felt, if known.
95 questions
Questions about materials, tools, and techniques specific to the craft of knitting. Those questions that apply to knitting but aren't specific to it may fit better in the [yarn] or [fiber-crafts] tags…
78 questions
Protecting an art or craft to reduce damage over time, and/or during the creation process.
75 questions
Specifically for questions about crafts primarily using wood.
74 questions
For questions about utilizing plastic, or materials meant to be used with plastic. Questions about specific types of plastic, such as PVC or ABS, should also use those tags.
72 questions
For questions about working with acrylic paint, whether in a current project or an existing work. Questions could be about techniques, mixing colors, cleaning it up, preserving it, and more.
67 questions
Oil paint is a medium made from suspending pigment in a type of oil. Questions can be about working with the oil, preserving it, selecting the right type, using the paint on different surfaces and mor…
62 questions
The process of creating fabric through interlocking loops of material strands using a hook.
61 questions
Determining the type of material used in an artwork or craft
60 questions
When wondering what kind of technique can or should be used to achieve a certain effect or result. This can range from e.g. drawing or sewing techniques to preparing materials for processing. A det…
58 questions
For queries involving the use and selection of metal as part of a crafts project. This includes questions about the cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of metals of all kinds.
57 questions
Working and shaping metals with hand tools or machines to create sculptures, jewelry, functional pieces and more.
57 questions
Defining, explaining or finding terms used for the tools, materials or techniques used in crafting.
56 questions
For questions about arts and crafts specifically involving glass.
55 questions
for questions about the creation, reparation, or upkeep of jewellery, including the selection of materials.
54 questions
Use when trying to figure out the name of a technique used in an existing art or craft.
54 questions
For questions about selecting the media to be applied to a project, such as what type of paint, pencil or adhesive.
53 questions
when asking about the mechanics, properties, upkeep, or usage of sewing machines.
52 questions
For questions regarding the use of casting epoxies, including selection, handling, molding, and modification.
49 questions
Cutting or trimming materials with scissors or knife. This tag is best used in combination with a more specific tag about the material being cut and/or tool being used.
48 questions
Primarily for questions involving graphite pencils as a medium. Also for general pencil questions that are medium independent, such as grip. Use the colored pencil and charcoal tags for those specific…
47 questions
Questions about the use, properties and selection of yarn.
47 questions
For questions about creating, mending, altering various types of apparel, or using clothing as part of another project.
46 questions
For questions about casting of liquid metals, plastics, resins, etc. into a mold or desired shape.
45 questions
For questions about the general nature of color and color theories, but not about the process of applying color to works. For the latter, use the specific medium tag (e.g. [watercolor], [oil-paint], […
43 questions
How to use equipment or chemicals in a safe manner, or minimize hazards associated with an art or craft item, including making it child-safe.
43 questions
For questions on the process of book binding, including preparing covers and pages, assembly, and using book binding tools.
43 questions
Watercolor is a painting medium made from suspending pigment in water. There are a variety of materials it's used on, such as canvas, watercolor paper, and vellum. Questions are about using watercolor…
42 questions
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