A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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For questions about the use of pens, pencils, chalk, etc. to create images or patterns on a 2-D surface.
× 110
not sure what you material to use as a base for your project or task, such as type of fabric, paper or metal. Try to be detailed with your specifications to help narrow down choices.
× 107
For questions regarding general glues, pastes and tapes.
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should be used when asking general questions about the act or process of painting itself (verb form), to specify materials are going to be used for a painting project or existing painting, or…
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The craft of connecting two things using a needle and thread. This tag can cover all methods from hand-sewing to machine sewing. Questions specifically about specialty "sewing" crafts like embroidery …
× 97
For questions about the selection, use and characteristics of paper in arts and crafts.
× 75
A liquid substance spread over a surface to apply color. Use for general questions about paint, or when trying to select an appropriate paint for a project. For the process of applying paint, the "pai…
× 67
Selecting a tool based on requirements of a specific application or project.
× 53
For questions about all types of fabric and textiles. Use with the specific fabric material, such as felt, if known.
× 48
Specifically for questions about crafts primarily using wood.
× 43
For questions about utilizing plastic, or materials meant to be used with plastic. Questions about specific types of plastic, such as PVC or ABS, should also use those tags.
× 43
Protecting an art or craft to reduce damage over time, and/or during the creation process.
× 42
For questions about selecting the media to be applied to a project, such as what type of paint, pencil or adhesive.
× 41
Questions about materials, tools, and techniques specific to the craft of knitting. Those that apply to knitting but aren't specific to it may fit better in the yarn or fiber-crafts tags.
× 39
For questions about arts and crafts specifically involving glass.
× 38
a medium made from suspending pigment in a type of oil. Questions can be about working with the oil, preserving it, selecting the right type, using the paint on different surfaces and mor…
× 34
Cutting or trimming materials with scissors or knife. This tag is best used in combination with a more specific tag about the material being cut and/or tool being used.
× 34
For questions about the nature of color and color theory, but not about the process of applying color to works.
× 34
Defining, explaining or finding terms used for the tools, materials or techniques used in crafting.
× 34
Working and shaping metals with hand tools or machines to create sculptures, jewelry, functional pieces and more.
× 33
The process of creating fabric through interlocking loops of material strands using a hook.
× 30
The art of paper folding to create shapes and figures. If folding is not the only/main form of manipulating the paper, do not use this tag.
× 30
For questions about working with acrylic paint, whether in a current project or an existing work. Questions could be about techniques, mixing colors, cleaning it up, preserving it, and more.
× 30
For questions about the selection, maintenance, and use of pencils of different colours. Often used together with the [pencils] tag.
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a painting medium made from suspending pigment in water. There are a variety of materials it's used on, such as canvas, watercolor paper, and vellum. Questions are about using watercolor…
× 29
For questions about creating, mending, altering various types of apparel, or using clothing as part of another project.
× 29
Use when trying to figure out the name of a technique used in an existing art or craft.
× 29
Determining the type of material used in an artwork or craft
× 26
Primarily for questions involving graphite pencils as a medium. Also for general pencil questions that are medium independent, such as grip. Use the colored pencil and charcoal tags for those specific…
× 26
Questions about the use, properties and selection of yarn.
× 22
Creating three-dimensional visual pieces with a variety of media, commonly clays and metals. Use specific tags for the media or methods, if known, such as polymer-clay or carving.
× 22
For questions concerning methods to restore damaged or time-worn works and materials.