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Why did they make shadows with stripes?

I'm going to be polemical and say that, even though the National Gallery categorises it as a woodcut, it is more likely a line engraving. It is not easy to create fine, smooth, and steady lines in ...
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Why did they make shadows with stripes?

If you follow the link from the Wikipedia page, you get to the portrait's page at the National Portrait Gallery. That tells you it's a woodcut. Like most forms of printmaking, woodcuts can only print ...
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Advice for glueing paper onto wooden surface

I use spray adhesive, PVA, Elmer's or other brand of white glue, or Mod Podge. After gluing, I add a clear (matt or gloss) top coat, either a spray or brushon sealer. Lately, when I am trying to glue ...
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Tempera Paints for Making Washes?

Using tempera paints to create washes for miniature painting is a common technique. While acrylic washes are more commonly used, tempera paints can also be utilized effectively. When using tempera ...
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Advice for glueing paper onto wooden surface

First, the wood should be sealed. Sealing the wood helps the glue go on smoothly and prevents it from sinking in. It also prevents the acidity of the wood from leeching into the paper that is glued on....
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Detergent residue on the surface before painting - how bad is it?

It is very important, because: Soap residue can create a barrier between the paint and the surface, hindering proper adhesion. Paint needs to bond directly with the surface to adhere well. Soap ...
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