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For the available solutions, it may help to understand how acrylic paints work. Acrylic paint composition The main ingredients in acrylic paint are pigment (colored powder), and acrylic binder. There may be additional ingredients to control drying time or characteristics of the uncured or cured paint, and cheap paints may mix in other, less expensive ...


You can get a pretty bright red with magenta and yellow in about a 2:1 ratio. 1:2 gives a bright orange cyan with a touch of magenta gives a fairly pure blue. Of course you get a much more saturated red with a single pigment but it really is a bad primary and has too much yellow to make a good purple with blue. CMY primaries are an excellent practical ...


Acrylic paints, or modified acrylic paints, are often used to color latex, but not for what you want to do. Latex is a little finicky. Many colorants will cause it to do unwanted things, like coagulate quickly into a sticky, gloppy mess, fail to dry properly, or change its characteristics. There are colorants designed specifically for latex. My ...


Technically it's not advised to mix acrylic colors into resin. But there are artist who tweak it and use it with resin, you can apply your acrylic paints on the surface and let it dry and then tint your resin accordingly and pour on top of the painting

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