Is there a name for drawing/painting by texture and pattern naming?

For example naming that goes along with these patterns and expands further?

enter image description here

I would ask for a specific book but I believe that is off topic for this site.


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Hatching and Crosshatching techniques

Different types of hatching and crosshatching:

  • Scribble hatching: overlapping circles or squiggles. This leaves a rough organic feel and texture
  • Hatching: Parallel lines to fill in a tone
  • Patch hatching: Creating small interlacing lines, varying in angle (that look like a patch)
  • Cross hatching: Similar to the patch hatching, but avoiding 90° angles while interlacing lines, staying with acute line angles.
  • Contour hatching: Instead of keeping the lines parallel, you wrap the lines around, like a curved surface. As you draw, the lines will wrap around the curved surface.

Source: https://johnmuirlaws.com/hatching-and-crosshatching-technique/

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