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Restoring a poster print using watercolour

I don't have any pictures, but I once saw a "restored" print technique which amazed me. The damaged painting was valuable, so the owner didn't want to modify it directly. So he bought two ...
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Restoring a poster print using watercolour

I don’t think you will ever be able to satisfactorily repair a watercolor painting with this kind of damage. Gluing paper is risky, because you will never be able to match the texture and grain ...
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How to copy game box art prints to wall posters?

You can either scan the boxes with a high DPI setting, or take photographs of them with a semi-professional camera. In both cases you'll end up with a high-definition digital reproduction. You might ...
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Fit poster to wood

You probably want to think about two pieces of material: The poster that you will print, and a clear protective layer over top of it. This protective layer may be printed or fused directly on top ...
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