I recently purchased some 6m wire from the dollar store for a sculpting project. However, the wire seems to have a sheathing on the outside. (See pic)

enter image description here

Is this stuff safe for baking in the oven with my sculpt?

  • Why do you want to bake the wire? It is very likely vinyl if you want to look up properties. Jun 27 '20 at 15:52
  • It is being used to reinforce my thicker gauge wire so that my clay will grab on to it better. However, I found a better wire. Thanks!!
    – Pacarus
    Jun 29 '20 at 17:50

According to this post, the black and red coloured wires are insulated with plastic:

2 coils at 33 feet wire red plastic insulation
2 coils at 33 feet wire black plastic insulation

Unless you find packages with the regular 'silver' coloured wire - which according to a review here might actually be hard - I suggest using different wires.

  • 1
    Plus 22 gauge wire is pretty lightweight for an armature.
    – fixer1234
    Jun 26 '20 at 20:37
  • 3
    You could also strip it off with a standard wire stripper, but that can be a pain in the butt -- and if you have to buy a new tool, it's cheaper to just get new wire :)
    – Erica
    Jun 27 '20 at 13:19

If you are making an armature , a good hardware store will have several sizes of bare copper wire . Mostly larger diameters like 12 gauge up to 000 ( guessing 0.312")

  • This is helpful for future projects, but doesn't answer the specific question about whether this wire can be safely baked.
    – Erica
    Jul 2 '20 at 2:24

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