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For general questions about wire, or when the type of wire material isn't known. Also use specific tags if the type of metal is known, such as [aluminum] or [steel]. For electrical wiring, also tag with [electronics].

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What is the brand, period and manufacturing process for unusual style of wire mesh/fencing?

I have come across the wire mesh/fencing shown in the image at a residence in Johannesburg, South Africa that likely dates from the early 20th century. I'm interested in finding out the original brand ...
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What does 'mil' mean when measuring thickness?

I asked a question about transparencies, and while doing research for it, I found a lot of websites mentioned their products were N mil thickness. What does mil mean when talking about the thickness ...
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Reshaping ear climber back to fit larger ears

I have this pair of ear climbers - The piece here is slightly too short for my ears (the angled part just barely doesn't ...
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Can I bake oven-bake clay with embedded lobster clasps?

I am making charms to maybe start a business. Can I bake my clay with the lobster clasp embedded in it? Or will I have to hot glue it?
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Can Dollar Store Tool Bench Hardware Wire be baked in oven?

I recently purchased some 6m wire from the dollar store for a sculpting project. However, the wire seems to have a sheathing on the outside. (See pic) Is this stuff safe for baking in the oven with ...
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Is there a tool that will make a rounded cut in flat metal wire?

Is there a tool that can cut flat 5mm-wide aluminum jewelry wire to leave a rounded end? (An as-yet nonexistent extremely heavy duty nail clipper comes to mind). In the image below, the wire on the ...
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Engrave a design into slate sheets

I currently have multiple sheets of slate measuring 8"x12" at 1/4" thickness, and various gauges of colored wire (picked up the wire from the Beading section of a hobby store). I have been scaling a ...
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What wire would be suitable for a papier-mache armature?

The project involves making a papier-mache tree, about 50cm high. So, I need to make a wire armature first but I'm not sure what type of wire would be ok to use (naturally, I don't want it to get ...
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Advice for making wired jewelry charm

I need to make the following symbol from crafting metal wire (5 mm) for a pendant. (It is a combination of zodiac symbols, for anyone who's curious.) How can I join the wire in between the places ...
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Looking for a springy thin wire to make earrings with

I'm looking for a very thin wire (slightly thicker than fuse wire), that is flexible, but still able to be twisted together. These earrings are for figurines, that are held together and pushed into a ...
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Can you bake a sculpture with a copper wire inside?

I am making a sculpture with a pure copper wire wrapped with polymer clay. Will I have problems baking this in the oven with a temperature of 120-13 degrees Celsius/ 248-266 degrees Fahrenheit?
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Ultra thin stiff wire

Where can I get wire that is very thin (needle size, 24-26 gauge), but is stiff (like a needle)? Does it have a name? The wire of this diameter available at craft and home stores (which comes in ...
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How can I create a custom lamp shade frame?

Some people make custom lamp shade frames so it must be possible. A lot of people suggest wire coat hangers but I think they're too flimsy. It has to be rather sturdy.
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Will I have problems with wire baked in oven baked clay?

I am planning an armature for use in stop motion. I will use 3 steel wires twisted together using a drill. I am planning to have oven-bake polymer clay (such as Sculpey of Fimo) on the wires. It ...
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Building closed loops with springy wire

Background: I am a mathematician who is attempting to build some simple visual aids to assist in the presentation of my research. To build the desired models, I need two things: Exceptionally ...
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How can I smoothly flatten select parts of a wire design?

I have seen some simple jewelry designs made out of wire, which I'd like to replicate. These designs are made from a single piece of wire bent into a variety of shapes. For portions of the design, ...
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How can I efficiently make the loops for chain mail or small chain crafts?

You see loads of people make their own chain mail. I can only assume they have some process with which to make the loops to make the process less tedious. There are loads of tutorials out there but ...
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Is there a way that I can have two long straight wires that are coated? [closed]

I would like to have long, straight, wire that is coated. I cannot think of a way to put a thin (electrically insulating) coating on a wire, while also allowing that the wire will be long a straight. ...
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How do I get my jewelry wire to be the right stiffness?

I would like to create wire and wire-wrapped jewelry. I know what gauge wire is appropriate for the size of the piece, but I keep buying wire that is too pliable and won't hold its shape like I would ...
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