I have a beautiful old book from 1869 which, greatly to my chagrin, has been damaged: one of the boards has come off. I would like to repair the book, or at least understand enough about how it ought to be repaired that I can shop around intelligently for someone to repair it. Is is possible to re-attach the board while preserving both the beautiful marbled end papers, the solid old-style sewn binding, and the elegant leather cover? How would one approach such a repair? (I am somewhat conversant in book repair and binding terminology, but not skilled in it.)

the marbled end papers, detached board, and binding

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    A 150 year old leather bound volume is not a great choice for your first attempt at amateur book repair. Take the pieces to a professional or if that isn't possible for you right now, store them in an archival grade (preferably nitrogen-filled) plastic bag until such professional services are available. Learning to fix books is a wonderful skill to develop, but anything you work on during your current learning phase is likely to be decreased in value if not destroyed outright. – Henry Taylor Mar 10 at 0:20
  • @HenryTaylor thanks. I still want to understand what can be done, even if I am not competent to do it myself. – Keith Pinson Mar 10 at 0:28

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