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What is the name of these "offset" nibs and pens?
2 votes

The two images in the original question are both images of pointed pen nibs. Within "pointed pens" there are variations - the top image is an oblique nib while the bottom image is an oblique ...

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What is the best method of hanging canvas on a wall to work on?
1 votes

If you're working with a concrete wall, the best bet with minimal damage all around would be RebusB's suggestion on attaching it to a wood board. Stretch it prior to attaching so it's taught and ...

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How do I replicate this misty spray paint texture/pattern?
0 votes

The true way to do it is as fred_dot_u (upvoted your answer!) suggested - a powder coat. However if you did want to hack it, you could spread a very thin layer of elmer's glue or a spray adhesive and ...

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How can I cut popsicle craft sticks without splitting them?
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The safest way to cut popsicle sticks while minimizing the chance of splinters, is to put on a pair of gloves and use wire cutters to clip sections off. If you're working in larger quantities of ...

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