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I am a Conch. In turn, I must ritualistically feed on Cuban bread once a year to prevent reverting to mollusk state.

I am also an ENFP. If you're unfamiliar with Myers-Briggs Type Indicators this means I'm a big ol' empathic art boy who cares a whole bunch.

I've worked in Product and on the web since 2009, most notably at great places shut down much to soon like Grooveshark and Ignite.

While at the University of Florida I studied Digital Arts & Sciences. People don't typically know what that means. I explain, "it's 80% traditional computer science, 20% digital media". That sorta helps.

I love making pizza, printmaking, drawing, reading books/stuff I squirrel away in Pocket, listening to podcasts, playing boardgames, and indulging my curiosity (I am a deeply curious person).

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