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Chris Schaller
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An OData Evangelist, I can help you solve application or data integration related issues. Specializing in SQL based schemas and distributed APIs, I prefer to work within the MS Stack. Contact me on Codementor

  • MCSE Cloud Platform
  • MCTS SQL Server

I use code automation and generation techniques to solve ERP and CMS style application development issues am active in Windows Insider, Visual Studio and VS AddIn Open Source communities. When I'm bored, I trawl StackOverflow for inspiration and the opportunity to flex my skills or try out new frameworks in an effort to help out my fellow developers.

I've been involved professionally in IT since 2002, starting off as a C#/SQL Developer, but long before that I have been working with robotics and automation systems to solve seemingly impractical and unnecessary tasks around the house. It took nearly 15 years to find a professional use for these skills in the realm of Industrial IoT, interfacing with PLCs, microcontrollers and SoCs like Raspberry Pi, mostly from the comfort of C#.

I'm a strong believer of making use of existing tools if they were intended to be used for your purpose, don't try to re-purpose them to suit your needs now because you will soon find that your needs and the intentions of the designer of the tool will forever frustrate your efforts at an exponential rate until you finally give up and buy the right tool, or make your own.

I've written my fair share of in-house software, when I look at the time spent and the lack of recognition that you get from yourself (it is never done) I've come to realise that it is a far better investment to buy the right software if it can be found and save the code for clients that will pay for it.

Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it.

  • Anthony J. D'Angelo

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