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[Spread Happiness] [Rise above hate] [Grit] [Phenomenal] [Love Nature]

I like resources mostly study resources,my journey is searching of those resources and presenting that to the public.I believe resources change our capability and they help us rise higher.

If you find some resources that are nice please help me in knowing that too.

I am inspired by Bighero 6 movie.

Inspiring Quotes -

"Use that big brain of yours to think your way out. Look for a new angle!" - Hiro Hamada.

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics." Paul R. Halmos.

Don't be afraid, try simple modeling of your own phenomena, there is mathematics everywhere

DSCuri -

Ginger Breadman map, pretty chaotic picture

Set of points on the real line $\Bbb{R}$ that is nowhere dense (in particular it contains no intervals), yet has a positive measure - Fat Cantor set.

The Trojan asteroids, forming triplets along with Jupiter and the Sun, essentially move according to this scheme. These systems are not always stable.

"Poincaré got a big mess, and [the horseshoe] put order in the mess."

Thus "... the mathematics created on the beaches of Rio ..." (Hornig) was the horseshoe and the higher dimensional Poincare's conjecture

When all three hallmarks are present (sensitivity, periodic cycles and mixing), we have a phenomenon called "chaos". Unfortunately, Hollywood films have overused the word, so most people think that it means something altogether more wishy-washy, as opposed to a well-defined and precise mathematical term

pg162 - With Luck your calculations converge toward a solution, Luck has a way of vanishing, however, whenever a problem is especially interesting.

After all, self similarity seemed to be the signature of self turbulence, fluctuations up fluctuations, whores upon whorls.

What else, when chaos draws all forces inward to shape a single leaf - images of chaos.

Why should it be that as things become small they also become incomprehensible. Pg 163.

Freshman's dream

Some Latex posts in case it is useful -

Commenting out large sections

spoiler syntax

List of questions I like to understand

Linear Algebra based

Useful Links

Online Word counter

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