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How to sand food safe glass by hand
5 votes

You would use a hand held diamond file. They are sold specifically for the purpose you are describing (fixing chipped articles). There are a number of articles and videos online which detail the ...

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What wire other than 1.6 mm stainless will work for chain mail?
5 votes

I made a butted link hauberk some years ago out of galvanized steel wire (the stuff I got was used in repairing fences - 20 gauge). Not as shiny as other materials but I felt it was more authentic ...

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Can I turn this cast iron grill into a usable firepot with possible tuyere?
Accepted answer
4 votes

Will this be mounted inside a larger 'table' made with firebricks, refractory, or something else or do you intend it to be 'free standing' as is? If free standing it should be suitable for light use (...

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Ultra thin stiff wire
3 votes

You may wish to look for piano wire which is made of high carbon steel and is fairly stiff.

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Blackening steel with oil vs. vinegar - and others?
1 votes

Depending upon how large and/long the chain is you may wish to use beeswax. Heat the chain to maybe a few hundred degrees (e.g., place in a container in an oven) then rub the wax on it. You can '...

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