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I am a custom software developer with a focus on internal business tools and workflow automation. Specializing in projects tiny and small, I work in Google Apps Script, Python (on the Google App Engine), and in other languages as needed, automating workflows for businesses of all sizes.

Learn more about my services at and my strategic partners at

I developed a passion for computing as a high schooler, where I learned to program in Turbo Pascal. In college I moved on to Assembler, C, Java, and Oracle Databases, with complementary courses in telephony, networking, and analog and digital electronics.

As a professional, I have extensive experience with the full LAMP stack dating back to 2002, but have tilted my focus away from public facing web-apps and begun focusing on Google Apps connected automation tools since 2011, working with clients to identify parts of their workflow that can be automated while leveraging Google's robust toolset to minimize duplication, maintenance needs and overall cost.

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