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Can a pizza cutter cut through fabric?
11 votes

Yes, if it is sufficiently sharpened. But... no restaurant would ever do that. I've worked in multiple restaurants including Pizza Hut (wow, that was 30 years ago). Most places used a rotary pizza ...

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What would be a good sealant to use over Posca on rocks and plastic?
3 votes

I'd use Krylon Fusion but I do the prep work, even though they claim you don't have to. I originally used it because I was told (by someone at a store that specialized in aquariums) that it's aquarium-...

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What brand/type of acrylic paints is recommended to paint ceramic pots without leaving brush marks?
2 votes

A few options: Watering down the paint (as mentioned in the comments) Acrylic paint can be thinned by adding water until brush strokes self-level. If you want to be uptight, use distilled water. ...

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