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Do there exist compression ring springs?

It depends how much it needs to open/stretch. External circlips/retaining rings spring to mind - they're normally installed into a groove, but don't always have to be. Getting them out of a groove (...
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Painting/doodling on my white Hydroflask

Apparently, you can use acrylic paints to decorate your flask, and then seal it with a dishwasher-safe sealant. For painting you can use regular acrylic paints, and for doodling you can use acrylic ...
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Ideas on how to create a mold or stencil of lettered emblem on back of vehicle?

It depends what sort of quality do you need, and whether you really want a mould or a stencil. The former needs very good (and thick) mould release, very well applied, as car logo badges typically ...
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(Drawing on iPad) Do they sell artist gloves that cover all 5 fingers?

They were not called "artist's gloves" but I did pick up a cheap pair of five fingered gloves that supported touch screen capacitance at a local hardware store, so yes.
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