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Gumble of thread through bobbin hole? Thread loose on down-side of cloth?

This bug is reliable reproduced by not properly wrapping the thread under the thread-guide (at the red u-turn indicator). The lack of sufficient pully-caused tension results in the top thread ...
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What to look for in a good beginner's sewing machine?

If you are a beginner and have a limited budget, find a used machine from the 70's or earlier that is in good running condition. They are still around, and they are workhorses that were built to be ...
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Do all sewing machines have the same needles (mounting wise)?

There are 2 systems of machine needles that are incompatible with each other: those for "home" machines and those for professional or "factory" machines. Whenever you find machine ...
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Do all sewing machines have the same needles (mounting wise)?

Your machine takes a 130/705H type needle, which is the most common type of sewing machine needle (some older machines take a different type of needle). Thankfully, sewing machine manufacturers have ...
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