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How can I keep my warm hands from making polymer clay too soft?

I might try two things, one handle the clay as little as required, the less you touch it the less heat it will absorb. And maybe try something like Wristband coolers. The link is to one brand, but ...
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How can 'translucent' polymer clay become really translucent, if possible at all?

Based on this blog post about comparing the various brands of translucent polymer clay, it sounds like the translucent is only apparent when the clay is incredibly thin. The author prepares the clay ...
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Can I microwave polymer clay to harden it?

Maybe, but it's probably not a good idea. For one thing, the package says not to do it. The manufacturer isn't just saying that because they want you to buy a toaster oven -- putting it in the ...
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Can you bake a sculpture with a copper wire inside?

Copper has a melting point of 1085°C/1984°F which is well above your expected temperatures. There should be no danger of losing structural integrity of the sculpture due to melting of the copper wire. ...
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Should the hole in polymer clay beads be made before or after baking?

Much simpler if you do it before. You will always deal with some shrinkage with polymer clay, so just make sure that the hole is a bit larger than you will need it. If you are really worried, try a ...
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Will I have problems with wire baked in oven baked clay?

Polymer clay doesn't shrink like real clay, so you don't have to worry about cracks/breaking of the clay while being heated. Most types of metal melt at temperatures way higher than polymer baking ...
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How toxic is baking polymer clay?

I am not an expert on this subject, by any means, but I can share the information that is available so that you can at least make a more informed decision yourself. Polymer clay, just like most other ...
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How can I reconstitute old polymer clay?

The generally accepted practice, as I've read on numerous websites and through books, is to break up the dried up clay into small pieces, add a little mineral oil (or baby oil), and massage/work the ...
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How can I reconstitute old polymer clay?

Hi I have faced issues like this too...And I actually found a way to fix the issue. All I did was to cook the clay... Yeah you read it right, I literally cooked the clay. On heating the clay it ...
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Can I microwave polymer clay to harden it?

No, it requires baking to set. I have a polymer clay only "toaster oven". It was designed for just using that medium. Look at your local craft store, or online 😊
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How do I determine optimal bake time for a polymer clay sculpture?

If you burn your clay your oven is too hot. So turn down the heat a bit. You can also put your creation into a box made from aluminium foil pans. This will protect it from direct heat. You can also ...
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Can I microwave polymer clay to harden it?

Manufacturers have started reacting to their customers requests and produce some clays that can be cured in a microwave. It must be written on the packaging and there must be an instruction of how to ...
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How to prevent paint from peeling off of clay christmas ornaments?

It seems to have to do with the process of sanding, adding sealers and layering the acrylic paint in a specific order. It is going to need more than 2-4 layers of sealer and acrylic paint to finish ...
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Can I bake oven-bake clay with embedded lobster clasps?

"Can you" is a different question from "is that the best way". I think the answer is you can, but it probably isn't the best way. Embedding the clasp, then baking The metal in the ...
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Baking polymer clay phone case

Premo is one of the stronger kinds, so you're making the right choice there. I have only recently started using premo mixed my older sculpey III and have found it can cure as low as 225, but you'll ...
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