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Papier maché with toilet paper

Toilet/tissue paper is processed in such a way as to be as absorbent as possible. So, by soaking it in water the paper fibres expand and when they dry, they shrink back and stick well to each other. ...
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Formula for strong but lightweight paper-mache

I've always used slightly diluted white PVA glue (just enough water to make it runny enough to soak paper in). Recently tried using kitchen roll, which was durable and held its shape well. Tissue ...
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How to paint paper mache rose

If you have a dual-action airbrush and a volatile pigment like alcohol inks, you can spray the rose from a distance at low pressure with a high air-to-paint ratio. The low pressure will keep the air ...
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How do you prevent paper pulp from sticking to a flat surface as it dries?

When making your own paper, the frame and deckle ( = the frame with the mesh and a second frame for straight edges) is only used to lift the pulp from the vat ( = container with the paper slurry). ...
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What wire would be suitable for a papier-mache armature?

I suggest aluminum : moderately corrosion resistant, inexpensive, easy to bend and cut, easily available. Look for it at farm supply store as electric fence wire. It does come in a fairly long spool ...
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How to paint paper mache rose

Since I don't have an airbrush, I gave dipping a try. It is risky, I know! But I did, a very quick dip At first, the rose had no problems to keep its shape, but after - say - half a minute, the paper ...
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Why is my papier mache balloon changing size between layers?

Temperature in the environment This would answer both cases. Balloon shrinking: causing the papier mache to wrinkle as the form it was set on changed. Balloon expanding: causing the papier mache to ...
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what is best used to "contour" a flat artists canvas

One option you have, considering that one of your tags is papier-mache, would be to cut cardboard of suitable thickness into shapes which could be stacked to form the contour you require. A resource ...
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Papier maché with toilet paper

A UK children's show call "Art Attack" maybe very useful for you. I recommend you soak all your toilet or kitchen paper in enough water to get a putty like consistency. You then make the whole item ...
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