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Is gold casting under pressure or not?

From a purely physical point of view, being "under pressure" means having a force applied to you. Our atmosphere is constantly applying a force on us from all sides, so objectively speaking ...
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External loads on gold jewelry

There is an industry standard, ASTM F2999-19, but it's focus is determining safety (mechanical hazards and material toxicity). Here you can find a study comparing the wear resistance between platinum ...
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Is gold casting under pressure or not?

Not a simple answer because a few processes are used. A major factor is the high density of gold ; A-- liquid gold pushes in to all volumes. B -- liquid gold pushes any gases into porous mold material ...
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Is gold casting under pressure or not?

As @Elmy correctly suggested, I asked them directly. This is their response. Thanks for the question. With our vacuum casting machines, the melting and casting process are done within one large ...
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