You can buy "heat-resistant fabric" by the yard at large fabric stores in the utility fabrics section (literally called "ironing board fabric" at a popular chain) or online (several sources came up on a search), for about the same price as cotton duck or canvas, often for less. Measure the board and be sure to allow fabric to tuck under and attach to the ...


Cotton! My mother made her own iron board covers out of cotton. Since it is natural you don't have to worry about it trapping steam, or melting from the heat of the iron. The heavier the fabric, the better.


After looking into a few options that you might have already seen I think this will be a safety concern for yourself that you should best avoid. I am not insinuating what you do with the pipe but this discussion has come up before on a few forums about pipe smoking. Grasscity - Opinion on spray painting metal pipe Drug Forum - Paint/Color a Metal One-...

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