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How do I add fragrance when making homemade candles?

Yes, you can use essential oils to to make homemade candles. Make sure you add it into the wax mixture when creating it and never add it directly on the top of a pre-made candle because essential oils ...
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How to infuse candles/soaps with scents from tea leaves?

The problem with your ingredients is that both (green tea and toasted rice) only have a mild scent to begin with. The scent mostly comes from essential oils. Things that are rich in essential oils ...
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Can you cast candle wax in a HDPE Mold safely?

"Safely" can have a lot of meanings, as Chris H mentions in a comment. A mold of paper-thin HDPE could soften and burst, but something more substantial, like a recycled bottle or jug, won't ...
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