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What kind of damage is this on a wool suit? [closed]

This lumpy pattern developed on the breast panel of this wool suit that has been dry cleaned, ironed, and hanging in a closet next to other suits. It has been a few months since I wore it, and I didn'...
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How do I extend the length of a Plaid Wool Maxi Skirt

How do I extend the length of a plaid, wool maxi skirt? If this was lighter material, I can simply sew on a lace trim, but this is winter wool maxi skirt. Wish to extend an inch.
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Glue for sticking wool to wool?

Can anyone recommend glue for sticking wool to wool? This is for a small, stationary, non-load-bearing, long-term application for an indoor, non-heated environment. It doesn't need to move around or ...
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I am trying to identify / describe this wool thread / yarn

This is a commercial fabric, I would like to produce something similar. When I search on the internet the closest I find is lace weight wool yarns for sale (retail or wholesale), which are 2 to 3 ...
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Can a wool coffee cozy sustain high temperatures?

I drink coffee after boiling water and mixing it in the mug. The mug stays hot for a while and then I start drinking it. I have been crocheting for a while and I thought I might as well make a coffee ...
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Reviving wool from possible moth damage

I tried hard to find a relevant stackexchange site for this question and this seemed closest. I have a wool winter jacket that has been stored over summer and on pulling it out of the closet I ...
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