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For questions about either the act of using a sharp tool to modify wood by cutting away excess material, or the wooden object produced that way.

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How can I safely cut pieces off a small wooden cube?

I would like to make some small wooden cuboctahedron, that is something of this shape: They should be about 2cm high. So, my idea is to take a long wooden piece (2cm x 2cm x 200cm) and cut some small ...
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How did they make spiral decorations and pearls on old frames?

I am trying to find out what technique was used back then (1700's) when they made those nice gilded frames for, e.g., mirrors. See included image as an example. How did they do the spirals and pearls ...
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Does rust matter on my wood carving knives if I sharpen them?

I've got an old set of wood carving knives, my wife's actually, and parts of the blades are pretty rusty. However, we have a sharpener for them. If I sharpen them, are they still safe to use? Or is ...
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Is alder wood too hard to whittle?

I'm very new to wood carving, and have bought my first two tools, both Beaver Craft whittling knives. I've seen a couple videos on YouTube of a man doing tutorials and it looks like his knife, without ...
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How to repair wood carving

At the time I bought this snake carving, it was already split and as it was cheap it's fine as it is. BUT I wonder if trying to patch this up would be worth trying. I've added some photos which ...
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How should I maintain a carved wood panel

I bought this wood carving (see below) several years ago from a vintage/antique housewares and decor store. At least one of the cracks predates my purchase, but I don't think all of them do. ...
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How to carve a side texture of a book on a wooden box?

I am looking to carve the book side texture shown on this wooden carving of a small book: but on the sides of pinewood box measuring 14 x 9cm x 4cm. This is the area I wish to carve on: However, I'm ...
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How long to dry juniper before working with it?

I would like to carve something out of juniper cut down last week. I intend to make something like a hiking stick or some small decoration pieces, so nothing big or critical. How long should the ...
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Line cutting technique for wood blocks: japanese vs. western

Does the line cutting technique in western wood block printing differ from the one in japanese wood cut? In japanese wood block printing the line is cut almost exclusively by a sharp pointed knife - ...
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How to Carve Tapered Recess into Wood

I am looking to carve a tapered recess into a piece of wood, like that of the center element in the picture below: What is the best way to do this?
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What are possible sources of wood pieces from for making musical instruments?

I've always wanted to make electric guitars myself. However, it seems a bit hard to find the right supply of wood to do so, as musical instruments usually require naturally dried wood pieces for ...
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Etching/engraving words onto wooden surface? [closed]

Am looking to create a personalised product which involves etching/engraving words into a pinewood surface that has been spray painted black. Any ideas on how to go about this and what is easiest and ...
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