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Creating fabric, mats, or baskets by interlacing two sets of thread, fabric, or other material.

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What weave/knit pattern is used in my glasses cloth?

Here are close-up images of my glasses cloth, front and back. I am curious to know what kind of weave or knit pattern is used in its construction. I speculate that it may be double stockinette knit, ...
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What is the name of this pattern?

What is the name of this pattern and/or how do I make it? I assume it is plain weaving with a loom, but I am not sure.
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How can I separate and recombine yarn?

Is there an easy way to separate (unply?) yarn into smaller "strands" and recombine (reply?) them in different combinations? For example, if I have a blue yarn and a red yarn, is there an ...
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How do include weft inside the diagonal squares in the sketch of the weave provided? [closed]

The sketch is self-explanatory, I'm referring to the squares at the bottom, any additional weaving tips will be greatly appreciated.
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I am trying to identify / describe this wool thread / yarn

This is a commercial fabric, I would like to produce something similar. When I search on the internet the closest I find is lace weight wool yarns for sale (retail or wholesale), which are 2 to 3 ...
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Advice on weaving/looming machine

I am looking to create woven patches as a hobby. I was playing a bit with embroidery patches, but I want to see the difference between the two. My question is: what would be a starting weaving/...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is there a term to describe woven patterns as opposed to printed patterns?

I like the look of patterns that are created using different colors of thread rather than printed on top of the fabric, but I've had some difficulty searching for such fabric online. Here are some ...
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How to read the slash in “1/4 satin”?

I am not a native English speaker, and I would like to know how do you read “1/4 satin”? Is it pronounced as one-by-four satin or as one-to-four satin when read out? Please note that this use is ...
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Appropriate tool for measuring longer warps

What's the best method for measuring out a three meter plus warp? I do make felt from my tail trimmings but I prefer to keep wool wastage to a minimum On this occasion I'm doing a single colour warp ...
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How to flat weave (n) strands

I'm trying to make flat weave scarves and blankets. It occurred to me that you should be able to flat weave any number of strands with about the same method. For a scarf I hope to flat weave 15 ...
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How can I braid my own shoelaces?

How can I find out how to weave my own shoelaces. I presume it must be some sub-field of either macrame or lace making. In fact, the word alone shoe-LACE would suggest that lace is involved. My ...
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10 votes
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What kind of palm leaves or other material can be used for palm weaving?

During the famous spice tours on Zanzibar, the locals make various nice presents (e.g. hats, frogs, ties, and handbags) by palm weaving. Since there are so many different plants on a spice farm, I don’...
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