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For questions relating to the optical characteristic of transparency as a requirement or objective. Use in combination with tags for the material or process to which it applies. For questions specifically about the clear plastic sheets called "transparencies", use a combination such as [plastic]+[transparency] if a tag is needed.

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Is it possible to make oil modifiable again?

I am asking this question on behalf of my friend who is an artist. He has been doing a painting with oil and has used drying linseed oil and turpentine oil on it to make it dry faster as he was in a ...
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UV permeable transparent varnish for PLA

I would like to coat fluorescent PLA in clear, transparent varnish, and I am looking for a product that does not block UV rays. Is there anything like that?
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Is there a clear grout/paste like material for filling in cracks?

I have project made up of small triangles of wood forming a polygonal shape. Between each of the pieces of wood is a gap, and I would like to fill this gap with a clear material that can be sanded. I'...
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Can you make epoxy resin art clearer (more transparent) after the object has dried?

I tried to cast epoxy resin on a pine cone, and used 1kg total (resin + hardener). I used around 3 drops of dye but the object is too dark now (and not see-through). Is there a way to somehow make it ...
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What does 'mil' mean when measuring thickness?

I asked a question about transparencies, and while doing research for it, I found a lot of websites mentioned their products were N mil thickness. What does mil mean when talking about the thickness ...
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How to completely dye or tint or color clear transparency sheet?

I was planning to make numerous custom bound journals where I use a piece of transparency film as the protective cover around all my pages and would also be bound with the pages. Part of my idea was ...
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What glue should I use with acrylic and transparencies?

I have a set of laser-cut clear acrylic pieces and matching transparencies (with designs printed on them). I want to glue the transparencies atop the acrylic pieces, but I am unsure which glue is ...
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