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Use when you need advice on the design or the creation of tools. This should be partnered with the tag of the tool you are trying to create.

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How to make a cheap DIY Marudai for Kumihimo?

I found a new hobby in braiding threads using the traditional Japanese technique of Kumihimo. I started braiding with the typical foam Kumihimo disk, which looks like this: The problem is that one ...
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Grid for copying photos from laptop

I want to use my photos to paint from. I would like to know how to find a grid for my screen to square off my photo. This would aid in transferring it to a canvas or paper. I've tried to find a photo ...
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Rolling the rope of a kite

The base question of the problem is here. Another related question here. Additional to the material of the rope, I also need to be able to deal with the said rope when lowering the kite, when the fun ...
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From what material/s I need to create a mold so that I can pour in it safely any kind of molten plastic?

I want to create a mold, so that when I want to make for example, planet Earth in plastic in 3D, then I can pour the molten plastic into mold. So that I can give a form. Not only this, but… when I buy ...
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What should I consider when making homemade steam distillation equipment?

Background: I found myself on a wonderful Wikipedia ramble at work the other day, and stumbled across a method for extracting essential oils from plant matter called steam distillation. As there is ...
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What can I use to make grips for my felting needles?

Apparently getting economic hand held felting needles in my area is hard. I can get single felting needles easy though. While I can purchase what I want online I would like to see what it would take ...
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