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Defining, explaining or finding terms used for the tools, materials or techniques used in crafting.

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What does it mean to "push your values"?

When I used to frequent art-critique forums, I would often hear senior artists advise people to "push values", generally with little to no explanation beyond that. I gathered that in many cases it ...
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What is yarn weight?

Fiber craft patterns always give a yarn weight. I've seen things like medium and light, but also "worsted yarn" or "DK yarn". What does this mean?
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What are the equivalents between US crochet stitch terms and UK terms?

I have heard that the names of stitches are different between the US and UK. If I have a pattern from the UK, how do I convert it to the US terms or vice versa?
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What are the different methods of knitting with two needles?

In an answer to a question about knitting faster, there is a reference to knitting methods: I have a couple suggestions. If you knit in the French Method, try the German Method. If you knit in the ...
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What is Paper Weight?

I also see a weight associated with the art paper I buy. For example: I have Bristol Board that is marked 100lbs, Pastel Paper marked 98lb, Sketch Paper marked 50lbs, etc. What does this mean?
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