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Defining, explaining or finding terms used for the tools, materials or techniques used in crafting.

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What does it mean to "push your values"?

When I used to frequent art-critique forums, I would often hear senior artists advise people to "push values", generally with little to no explanation beyond that. I gathered that in many cases it ...
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What exactly are carbon pencils?

A recent question on What are the types of charcoal pencils and how do they differ from each other? had an answer that discussed the relationship of charcoal pencils and carbon. It got me doing a ...
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What's the difference between a pigment and a dye?

When it comes to art, I see both terms quite frequently, but nobody ever really stops to explain the difference. What, then, is the difference between a pigment and a dye? Is it source? Usage? Or ...
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What is Paper Weight?

I also see a weight associated with the art paper I buy. For example: I have Bristol Board that is marked 100lbs, Pastel Paper marked 98lb, Sketch Paper marked 50lbs, etc. What does this mean?
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What is the "fine art term" for office printer as medium?

I'm submitting artwork that uses prints from an office printer, and I want to describe that in the list of mediums used Pencil is referred to as "graphite" so, is there a term for using an office ...
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