Questions tagged [surface-preparation]

For questions about preparing the work surface on which one is about to perform artwork on, e.g. cleaning an adhesive label off a jar that is to be painted.

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is priming really necessary for heavy acrylic or watercolour paper, and should it help blending acrylics?

The theory, as far as I am told, is that paper is too absorbent for acrylic paint, so it makes it dry too fast and prevents blending. But is it so? I'll explain how this question came up. Anyone who's ...
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Are there substances used in everyday life that are suitable for polishing acrylic glass?

For a project I have to cut an acrylic glass rod (diameter = 5mm) into a few small chunks. Then, I have to sand the cut surfaces and polish them. Since the surface to be polished is very small, I don'...
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Detergent residue on the surface before painting - how bad is it?

Before painting a small item (think of a plastic model), I wash it in soapy water to remove oily fingerprints etc. Most commonly I use diluted dishwashing liquid. From experience, washing is important,...
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Neoprene rubber finishes

I have two squares of neoprene rubber as non-slip mats. Needing a larger area, I bought a large piece off of a metre-wide roll. On arrival, instead of the slightly tacky shiny finish of the smaller ...
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Adding a custom paint job to an umbrella

A friend of mine is celebrating her birthday next week, and since she is kind of an art person, and I love giving hand made gifts, I decided to add some color to a white, plain umbrella. I have ...
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Clear Gesso: Does it produce a translucent foundation layer?

I was introduced to clear gesso the other day. I have always used white gesso, added pigment, and applied it to form the foundation layer. If I did the same thing with the clear gesso, will the ...
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Materials and procedures for painting acrylic (Plexiglass) sheet

I would like to paint acrylic sheet (Plexiglass) with acrylic paint. Both the sheet and the paint are opaque (black or white); single color all over. What kinds of paint should I use? What kinds ...
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How do I remove labels from glass jars/bottles?

Glass jars or bottles provide a great base material for many crafts, but the least expensive option (reusing food jars or wine bottles that would otherwise be discarded) require me to do some surface ...
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To do direct animation on clear super 8 mm film, can i just bleach some old film?

I have a direct animation project I want to do using super 8mm film, but I'm struggling to find the right kind of film. I am wondering if I can buy some super 8mm film, leave it in bleach so it ...
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