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For questions about selection, characteristics, or usage of soft filling material for adding volume or cushioning to soft items such as toys, clothing, upholstery, pillows, and cushions.

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How would you make a plushie's bottom flat?

If I just stuff it with whatever filling it's just gonna be a sausage, I need the belly to be flat, and the back convex. Is there filling\stuffing that comes in sheets maybe? Preferably the one that ...
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1 answer

Estimating the amount of wool stuffing needed for a project

I've just acquired a new loveseat for my apartment that's in desperate need of reupholstering. Here's the problem: the cushions are (or were) stuffed with wool. I have some experience with ...
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What do you incorporate into a stuffed animal so that it doesn't permanently deform?

I have a concern with designing a stuffed toy which is that over time, if stuffing gets displaced from a particular region like an arm or a torso, it will be permanently deformed since the only way to ...
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What to use as amigurumi stuffing if you don't have access to poly stuffing?

I, for one, do not have easy access to poly stuffing, so I was wondering, what is the second best choice for amigurumi stuffing?
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10 votes
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Using human hair for amigurumi stuffing

OK, I realize this topic may creep some of you, be it because of hygienic or ethics questions. I trust you will understand it comes out of pure curiosity and of the desire of using more natural ...
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What materials can be used to fill a puffy jacket?

I have this jacket pattern. In case it's relevant, I'll be making it in a medium weight twill. I'm also adding a lightweight silky lining to give it a nice finish and make it easy to put on. In ...
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