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For questions concerning the use, selection, cleaning, or handling of all kinds of natural stones, including gemstones. For the refining of stones, please use the [lapidary] tag.

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Attaching Pearls to 18k Gold Jewelry: Professional Techniques

Is using glue a secure and professional method for attaching fully drilled pearls and other natural beads to 18k gold jewellery pieces? Could you provide guidance on a recommended method for carefully ...
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What can I use to glue pebble stones to wood?

I am trying to make a floor mat where the base is wood and the top are pebble stones. The bonding must be strong and permanent as it needs to withstand the force of people walking in it. What glue or ...
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Mounting a stone for display

I have acquired a fossil stone that I would like to display - its 1.6kg, 30cm x 12cm (15cm at its widest). I was really after some ideas as to how to mount this - maybe perhaps on a wooden plinth but ...
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Glue river rock to canvas

Looking for the best glue to use for placing river rocks on painted stretched canvas? Since the rocks have a little weight, I want something that can hold them as the finished product will hang on a ...
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Trying to Identify Stone Statue [closed]

I was given this statue at an estate sale and have no idea what it is or where it is from. Any help would be appreciated. Update: I did some googling and it seems to look like Mayan stone.
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Polishing a scratched Ruby

A friend of mine has scratched her Ruby with another of the same gemstone. The scratch is little, and just on the surface. Is there any way to restore the polish? The ruby is smooth, similar to the ...
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How to make a stone (or something similar) and put there electronics?

I'm an electronics hobbyist. I'd like to put a Wi-Fi module in my garden. It would be awesome if it would be possible to put that electronics into a stone or something similar. It doesn't need to be ...
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How to clean smoky quartz?

I have this piece of tumbled smoky quartz (Silicium oxide with entrapped materials giving it its black color). I accidentally left it in my clothes and it ended up in our washing machine. The ...
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How can I cut gemstones in half without a lapidary saw?

I'm looking for ideas on how to cut small raw gemstones (1" or less in diameter) in half without damaging the crystals and preferably without spending hundreds on a lapidary saw. I've been told tile ...
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How can I mount a polished stone to wood?

I have a finished wooden walking stick. I'd like to mount a few polished gemstones to it. What is the best product to use for mounting stones to wood surface?
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What kind of glue works for stones and shells?

I have a collection of many small stones and shells of different shapes and sizes picked up from various beaches, and it'd be nice to glue some of them together to make some sort of arty model. But ...
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What type of paint should I use for stone painting meant for outside

Not too long ago, my family’s dog was put down and we spread the ashes on one of her favourite (or so we assume) walkies routes. I want to create some kind of tombstone for her. I was thinking of ...
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