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For questions about sketching techniques and materials. Sketching is a type of drawing meant to be an unfinished work, whether for practice or making underlays for other works.

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Planes of the head (Loomis Method)

I have been reading Loomis' book "Drawing the head and hands" and practising Loomis' method of head construction. But while reading the book, I discovered that to put the features correctly ...
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What is the advantage of having an angled drawing desk?

I grew up using normal desks in school and drawing in art class on tables. I have drawn on tables for most of my projects, but every artists desk has a lift to it. What is the purpose of the varying ...
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What are the advantages of watercolour paper over sketch paper?

I've been looking around for some paper for watercolour painting. Watercolour paper can be over double the price of sketch paper. What makes watercolour paper better? Should I invest the money, and ...
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What are the key disciplines of realistic drawing?

I hear a lot of drawing instructors say to "focus on the fundamentals", but I am unclear as to what the fundamentals of drawing are. For many of the other arts, the fundamentals are clear, in music, ...
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Shading dark scenes

I frequently find myself sketching scenes that have dark lighting, but I'm never quite sure how to go about shading the subjects of the drawing when it's supposed to look dark, especially things like ...
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