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A line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article.

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When do you serge with an open seam

If you are sewing two panels together and then pressing the seam allowance open , when do you serge the edges? Do you serge that end before stitching the two panels together, or do you stitch then ...
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How to recreate drawstring effect on this dress on homemade nightie pattern

I have 2m of fabric, and I want to make a cotton nightie with it. I want to create drawstrng shoulders and also a front drawstring that ties losely. I managed to find an image similar to what I would ...
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How to repair heavy duty nylon seam?

I bought a heavy sandbag which is supposed to be able to be dropped. Given the good ratings it has, I assume it had a manufacturing fault as the seam exploded the first time I dropped it. Luckily, as ...
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How to alter dress where bodice is joined to gathered skirt without cutting garment at seams

So far, I have seen tutorials where kurtas (these are long Indian dress-like shirts worn with palazzi, skirts or leggings) have been altered by sewing along the seam. Take, for example, this video. ...
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