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Sealer for wooden ornaments?

I have spray-painted a lightly sanded wooden ornament using Aerosal, but have noticed that the wood has lost colour in some areas after and general handling once fully dryed. Wanted to know if there ...
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Old Trunk Preservation vs Restoration

I’ve an old trunk which is covered on the outside with paper or maybe thin printed canvas. Parts of paper are flaking off. I am seeking preservation rather that replacing the paper. I want to keep the ...
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Do high-temp vacuum-sealed reusable bags exist?

I need to vacuum seal and compress two things together and then bake them at 300-deg F so they will bond. Do high-temp vacuum bags exist? (silicone, etc) I'm looking for something like these vacuum ...
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Can I use polycrylic over a fixative?

I’ve made an acrylic painting on a wood slice, but added some detail with a chalk pencil. I normally seal my wood slice art with polycrylic, but I’m concerned about smudging the chalk when I seal. ...
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What would be a good sealant to use over Posca on rocks and plastic?

I'm painting some rocks for a school project, little ones around a garden, and I'm looking for a good sealant/clearcoat. The rocks are pretty porous, but the paint is water-based, so it will easily ...
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Humidity tolerance of Mod Podge

I recently created a commission piece made out of stretched canvas and acrylic. It was specifically made for bathroom decor on a wall. I didn't realize until later that the bathroom would have high ...
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