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Best Material(s) for Casting Large Volume Clear Rubber Object

I am working on a project where I'd like to suspend several objects in a 12" x 12" x 12" clear rubber cube. This is meant to be an art object, so longterm durability is important. In ...
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How to securely glue leather to rubber?

Consider the following shoe: It has some leather that is wrapped around some cork, and held in place by glue and nail. My question is in a very similar scenario: suppose that we replace that cork by ...
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What kind of properties to look for in the rubber that is used in the midsole of shoes or sandals?

Below is the anatomy of a sandal: The midsole is found in shoes, too, and I think that they serve the same purpose. Question: What are the properties that should exist in a midsole for daily casual ...
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How to mold outer shoe sole to the shape of my feet without using a last?

I'm currently sewing my first pair of shoes. They are made of fabric only (no leather, cork or other materials) and a commercial foam insole for comfort. I have covered the insole with matching lining ...
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Can I mix acrylic paint into liquid latex rubber?

I have an issue similar to outlined in Can I mix acrylic paints into resin? I have a bottle of natural liquid latex rubber, the kind that dries in the air. Can I add acrylic paint to make coats with ...
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what rubber to buy for wooden wheels

I'm building toy strollers for my girls. I'm planning on using solid wood wheels and I would like to attach rubber tread. I was hoping to buy a roll of rubber tread, maybe with a slot or something to ...
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Waterproof paint for rubber

I need a waterproof paint (preferably a spray) to draw on my rubber diving fins. It can't be petroleum based as it reacts with rubber. Most divers use permanent markers, but my art skills are very low ...
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Pressing rubber (butyl)

I'm trying to make a fairly minimal wallet out of an old inner tube (for use while cycling, with one card pocket and one change pocket into which notes can go as well). The basic structure of my ...
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Hard foam pad replacement

I think this is an Arts and Craft question. I am looking to replace a hard foam pad on a sander. Manufacture wants over $20, but I know I can make one for a lot less. The pad would need to be 4 x 4 ...
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How to apply rubber to wood?

I have a pair of wooden geta I bought from Tokyo and would like to wear them outside. I tend to scuff all my shoes when I walk, regardless of shoe type, and I would really like to preserve these shoes ...
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Vacuum forming/thermoforming elastic materials?

I need to create a few dozen opaque domes/hemispheres of various sizes from 80 cm to 120 cm. The shape is pretty basic, for example: Source The domes have to be foldable into smaller pieces for easy ...
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Make foam rubber case

I am interested in how I might go about making a neoprene (closed cell) foam rubber case for a clock. The clock looks like this: The clock is about 10 inches wide at the longest dimension. I know ...
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