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What material(s) I can use to make this kind "hard" waterproof board at home?

I need to make L plates (it is used for learner motorcycle riders in many countries) at home. Previously, I made it using a thick 250 gsm paper. I got L printed on it. But with time it faded and when ...
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How to attach PVC piping to a flat surface

I want to attach PVC pipe to the side of my Nerf gun for decorative (steampunk) purposes. What is the best adhesive to use for this? It doesnt have to be water tight, just strong enough to survive ...
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Giant slingshot made from 2" PVC. Cement insufficient. How to fasten for load?

I have an Angry Birds birthday party and the honor fell to me to create the giant slingshot. Here are some more pictures for your pleasure or entertainment (because I may, in fact, be an idiot). So ...
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How can I cleanly cut thick plastic straws?

I have drinking straws like this: They are thicker, reusable straws, probably PVC. They're the thickness you generally find in tumblers that come with their own straw. I thought it'd be neat and ...
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