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Questions tagged [preservation]

Protecting an art or craft to reduce damage over time, and/or during the creation process.

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24 votes
6 answers

How can I avoid smudging my pencil drawings?

I'm very new at drawing. I'm not very good at pencil types yet, but it seems like whichever pencil I use (I have a set of 12 ranging from 6B to 5H), I end up with smudges. Is there a way to reduce ...
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7 answers

How can I protect my pencil & charcoal drawings once complete?

I have now built up a small portfolio of pencil/charcoal drawings. Most of the time they are kept in my folders, but sometimes they are viewed by friends and relatives. And on the odd occasion ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How can I prevent my drawings and paper from yellowing over time?

Some paper just yellows over time, especially if left out somewhere where it sees sunlight. Acid-free paper is a partial solution, but not terribly budget-friendly. Is there something else I can do ...
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2 answers

Varnish for acrylic painting

I was using a yellow wood varnish which is readily available in hardware stores to seal my acrylic painting. They are cheap and good varnishes, but the problem with them is that they leave a yellowish ...
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4 answers

Will putting an oil painting under glass cause damage?

I inherited a painting from a relative. It has some cracks so I assume it's oil, not acrylic or watercolor. I also do not know the age, but it is not new. When I bought a frame to fit it (since it ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How to preserve comic pages drawn by pencil?

I bought pieces of comics that are drawn with pencil, and I’m afraid that they get blurred. How can I preserve them? Can this be done the same way as with sketches?
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12 votes
1 answer

What causes frosting when applying a varnish?

Sometimes when applying the final varnish on a miniature, it ends up going opaque / frosting. What causes this to happen, and how can it be prevented? I have seen this occur with both Vallejo and ...
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1 answer

Can I cast a glow in the dark flower in resin?

This is my first time experimenting with resin. What I want to create is a glow in the dark version of preserved flower in resin. Based on this thread, it's possible to create glow in the dark ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why have my paper crafts hung on the wall deformed and what can be done to prevent this?

I cut these butterflies, and hands out of paper, spread gum on them and sprinkled glitter. Then I pasted them on these CDs with Fevicol. I did not fold them at all. They were straight the day I made ...
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7 votes
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How do I prevent chalk pastel from getting smudged?

I made a piece of work with chalk pastels recently. Sadly, I left it unattended on an occasion and my cats ended up approaching my sketchbook. Some of my work was smudged. On another occasion when I ...
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2 answers

What can I expect from a fixative?

I finished a charcoal drawing and want to paint over it with a clear coating (of acrylic gesso). For that I first used a fixative so that the drawing will not smudge when I apply gesso with a Brush. ...
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Printed document lifespan

How long will a document (black text) printed on standard paper using an inkjet printer last? I will keep it in an envelope in a normal house hold environment, not overly hot or cold. Looking for tips ...
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