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Papier-mâché is a construction material made of pieces of paper and an adhesive binder like glue or starch. The name also refers to the craft involving this material. It is often used as a basis for sculpting.

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How do you prevent paper pulp from sticking to a flat surface as it dries?

I poured paper pulp through a sheet of fine stainless steel mesh. I left the paper pulp out to dry in the sun for a few days. The paper pulp is stuck to the steel mesh. It is as if the paper pulp is ...
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What wire would be suitable for a papier-mache armature?

The project involves making a papier-mache tree, about 50cm high. So, I need to make a wire armature first but I'm not sure what type of wire would be ok to use (naturally, I don't want it to get ...
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what is best used to "contour" a flat artists canvas

I want to make 3d shapes of my own making to stick onto a canvas as a base for a mood board. Does anyone know what is the best way of going about it?
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Papier maché with toilet paper

I have been looking at instructions for DIY hamster toys and equipment. It's recommended not to use newspapers for hamster projects because one doesn't want the hamster to injest the ink. (Hamsters ...
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Formula for strong but lightweight paper-mache

I've always used the standard flour+water = paper mache. This often results in a somewhat heavy and fragile object though. I'm looking for a formula for a strong but light weight version. Light-...
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How to paint paper mache rose

So I created this paper mache rose. As you can see, it's not very large. As you also can see, it still has the colour of newspaper. Now, roses in newspaper colour aren't very pretty, so I'd like to ...
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Why is my papier mache balloon changing size between layers?

This is actually something I have observed with my wife's pinatas. I understand that as it dries it should shrink a little but I have seen papier mache balloons shrink leaving a wrinkled mass. I ...
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