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Paper cutting or papercutting refers to the art of cutting paper into designs, and not just the act of cutting paper for any purpose. A variety of papers and tools, such as craft knives, are used to achieve this. This also covers questions about preserving papercutting pieces.

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Cutting a stack of paper into a complex shape (got to make a LOT of these)

I have a project where I need to cut a large number of a complex shape into some papyrus paper (about 100-200 sheets.) The shape is quite intricate, and I'm not sure of the best approach. I discussed ...
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Are there machines to cut and score on card stock?

I am a paper craft artist. My work usually involves printing the template on A4 colored card stock paper and then cutting and scoring. I want to know whether there are any machines for cutting and ...
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How can I cut a (reverse) waterdrop shape out of a cardstock perfectly?

I have printed the waterdrop shape on the cardstock. I want it to have sharp and smooth edges. I'm not an artisan at crafts, however, scissors and utility knife leave a lot of roughness.
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Will a die cutter work for intricate 'lace style' cut outs in paper?

I have 9 months until my wedding, and I adore the laser cut wedding invitations but I do not like the prices at all. I am big into crafts, especially doing things myself when it comes to parties, ...
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book arts: how to make cut outs

What kind of tool should i use to make small cuttings in paper for an art book? I have been using an exacto knife right now but the result is messy and ragged. The paper is cardstock, double layer ...
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Where to find stencil fonts?

I'm looking for uncommon fonts resources to cut stencils. They musn't have isolated parts that would be detached from the main stencil. On google fonts, I can only find 3:
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Interlocking cuts for a truncated cone

I have a simple lampshade design, on the picture is made out of paper: It's a basic truncated cone from a single sheet of paper. I want to join sides of paper with interlocking cuts, like this: ...
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A stronger material than paper for Kirigami or papercraft-inspired designs?

I would like to create some sculptures using papercraft & kirigami techniques, however I am looking for an alternative (stronger) material to paper with some/all of the following properties: ...
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What medium should be kept beneath the paper for papercutting?

Natural conclusion that we can draw from this question about cutting small circles is that it is obvious the cutting tool or implement would need to be very sharp to be effective. I used to use ...
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What is a proper tool for papercutting?

How to cut a tiny circle in paper? I did link to that question but here I am not talking about circles. I am talking about other parts of that crafts which involve curved and straight lines. My family ...
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What medium should I use to make an initial design on paper for paper cutting?

My question refers to this kind of design: (the example is from another question here, How to cut a tiny circle in paper?) I suppose first I will have to draw that design on paper, then I will cut it....
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3 answers

What is the paper cutting art called which does not involve folding?

The paper cutting craft shown here - How to cut a tiny circle in paper? does not seem to be done by folding paper (there are no wrinkles). Doesn't seem to come under origami. Since I wish to learn ...
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How to prevent "tufts" in paper when cutting fine details?

In the winter I'm big on making detailed, six-sided paper snowflakes. I use crafting knife to cut everything out. Usually I use printer paper or origami paper. My issue is when cutting inside ...
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How to cut a tiny circle in paper?

When papercutting, one often has to cut very small circles, like below. When I do that, I often break my blade. How should I cut small circles or other small holes? Think about ... Should I apply ...
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