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Questions tagged [paper-cutter]

Paper-cutters are any tools specifically designed to cut paper, such as guillotine cutters, sliding trimmers, or handheld devices with razors.

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2 votes
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Advantages of a guillotine over a bookbinder's plough?

What can a guillotine (AKA paper cutter) do that a bookbinder's plough can't, if anything?
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In bookbinding, how to make the fore-edge form a concave crescent?

I have a hardcover from Everyman's Library whose fore-edge is a concave crescent. (See first picture.) Is there a word for this effect? Second, and more importantly, how might I achieve this effect in ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Guidance on what to look for in a paper cutter/trimmer

I have been drawing and painting for a while now on smaller paper sizes, i.e. up to 11" x 14". I am looking to "go bigger" upwards to 18" x 24" possibly even 24" x ...
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How to crop large format paper

I've got drawings and other art on 18x24 inch and larger format papers. How can I inexpensively crop these papers so that the edges are straight and the corners perfectly right angled? ...
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3 answers

How do I get my Envelopener to cut cleanly every time?

The Envelopener is a letter opener/paper cutter that's favored by origami folders because it cuts along folds precisely, there's no way you're gonna injure yourself, and it's highly portable. It's ...
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