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Use this tag for questions regarding dimensions, measuring or converting them, or if your question is explicitly about figuring out an amount or proportion of something.

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How to sew a rounded neckline on a men's thobe? [closed]

i wanted to know the pattern for sewing the rounded neck of this mens thobe, can someone send me a pattern or give me some clue about it, thanks in regard,
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How to take the measurements of a plus-sized woman?

I'd like to make some clothes designed for my wife, who is plus-sized. I understand the basics of bust, waist, high hip, hip, but I've never taken measurements before. The differences I can see from ...
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What measurements should I request from people when crocheting custom made-to-order swimwear?

I am familiar with standard measurements like bust, cup, and hip/waist measurements but are there any other standard measurements that should be taken into account when crocheting custom swimwear? I ...
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How much fabric is needed in this instructional?

My wife comes and asks me whether or not she has enough fabric to complete a project. She gives me a square footage of what we have on hand and then a yardage — not square yardage — called for by the ...
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What is a linear meter?

I'm just trying to understand the concept of a linear meter. I'm aware that rolls of fabrics can have different widths and depending on the width and need a shorter or longer part of this fabric. ...
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How much concrete to order?

If I make 4 of these statues, 1.25x life-size, then how much concrete should I purchase? The plan is to make a mould and pour into that. The original Ludovisi Ares is 1.56 m in height. Therefore: (...
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How much thread do I need when cross-stitching a pattern?

I would like to know how to calculate how much thread I need for a pattern when I know how many points I have for each colour. I know that it is highly dependent on how the points are spread on the ...
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