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Picture Frame/Mount for Mosaic, ~28" x 34" (Max Size) , <$20

I started doing mosaics made up of thin scrap aluminum. This question is about my first first mosaic 'prototype' that I am doing which measures 28 x 34 inches. The aluminum scrap material weighs ...
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1 answer

What kind of resin can be used to fill a gap in a piece of wood?

If filling a piece of natural wood with grooves in with resin - clear or coloured - what is the best kind to use? This would need to allow for the wood to be used as a table top.
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2 answers

What can I line a collectible card box with that is not felt or flocking?

I made a card box, for holding Magic cards, a while ago, and I lined it with felt. While that does look good all the plastic sleeves I use get caught on the material so it is difficult to put them ...
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Wood used for Christmas Colored Flame Yule Logs?

What type of wood and its' thickness would be get the best results for making Christmas colored flame yule logs? I would like to try and make colored flamed yule logs this year. What type of wood ...
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Best way to restore my old vintage wooden cricket bat

I own a vintage, wooden bat which I wanted to restore by myself, for myself. Some of the areas where I require help are: Removing stickers and their marks: There are these old stickers on the bat ...