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Use when your question is about the creation of a specific material. Use in combination with the tag for the target material or the medium it is most closely associated with. Please provide a detailed description of the type and/or characteristics of the desired material (if applicable).

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Does psyllium powder improve air dry clay?

Recipes for air dry clay often include: Materials to absorb water from ingredients that get blended with high water content. Materials that swell when wet to add temporary bulk during modelling, and ...
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Can I make Das air dry clay firmer, like two part epoxy putty, before sculpting?

Is there anything that I can do to Das air dry clay to give a firmer consistency. Similar to two part epoxy modelling putty? For example, is there a plasticizing additive that I can mix in to it. I ...
2 votes
1 answer

How do I thicken acrylic model paint in a consistent manner?

I have several model paints that I use for miniature painting which I need to use in order to maintain color consistency. In their natural state they are too thin for my taste. Almost like an ink or a ...
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How to Create a Perforated Piezoelectric Disc (aka atomizer)?

I'm wanting to create a perforated piezoelectric disc for use in creating a solid state aeroponic mister. The water droplets, and thereby the holes, can only range in size from 5-50 micron in order ...
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How can I create a center disk to put under a compass point?

I want to get my hands on one of these disks used to rest the sharp point of a compass on so it will not make a hole in the paper. Someone suggested this device in another question, but I can't find ...
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How can I make charcoal?

I googled it, but it didn't really convince me as websites aren't that trustworthy. I wish to make my own charcoal.
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