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Questions tagged [linear-perspective]

For questions about constructing linear perspectives and using perspective techniques.

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Linear Perspective: Vanishing Point Below Horizon Line

If the horizon level is aligned with the viewer's eye, how can a vanishing point lie below or above the horizon line? Are vanishing points defined relative to objects?
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Do you always have to guess the first line when drawing in perspective?

If I want to draw a grid on the ground in one point perspective, do I always have to guess the placement of the second horizontal line? I know I can make future lines proportionate with the previous ...
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What is distortion?

Linear perspective tutorials like drawabox often mention distortion, but never define it. Wikipedia defines distortion for photography and optics and they seem related, but I want a definition ...
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Is there a known method to track perspective without guidelines, other than experience?

I'm aware of the Brewer method for starters, but other information would be helpful.
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Is it possible to paint an oblique (perspective) anamorphic illusion on a three dimensional surface viewable from all angles as you pass it?

So hypothetical situation: Let's say I have a hallway, say 10 feet wide. On one side of this hallway, I erect a three-dimensional facade from floor to ceiling, so that it sticks out from the wall. I ...
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The Last Supper - Vanishing Points

The vanishing point seems to be at the center of the frame, where the parallel lines seem to meet. I am wondering why the parallel lines of the semi arch are pointing down. Any pointer would be ...
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Why are parallel lines in the real world not drawn parallel as they head to the vanishing point?

I'm working through Perspective Made Easy, and the introductory section about parallel lines has thrown me, specifically pages 23 through 25. The diagrams are especially confusing to me; for example, ...
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Cone of vision in perspective drawing [closed]

I have referred to most online resources to help myself understand the concept of cone of vision in perspective drawing and I am still confused and don't fully understand the concept. Can someone ...
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Does anybody know the name of the perspective most people paint in?

Most people paint at a perspective that is like a couple of degrees below the horizontal. Is there a word for this?
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Wish to paint dog in scenic background. What size should dog be? [closed]

Wish to paint the following dog on 11" by 14" paper Also wish to use the following background What size should dog be? Specifically I wish the cluster of houses are in the background, to the ...
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Printing to be viewed at 45deg

I have a sort of shadowbox frame. I want to print something (a mountainous landscape) so that it's best viewed when the frame leaned back from the observer at 45 degrees. Is stretching (to 200% height)...
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How to measure the distance to horizon line one-point perspective?

I am drawing a room, which is 10m x 10m (or whatever units). I am drawing it in one point perspective. How do I determine exactly where to draw the back wall? As in, how far back.
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Are there any techniques established for doing perspective on a spherical surface?

I'm interested in the perspective of large objects, spanning enough distance that the spherical nature of the earth comes into play. How would one do the proper constructions to accurately draw this ...
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Determining a station point for a perspective drawing

For simple perspective drawings, you don't really need to get into having a station point (or vantage point, not vanishing point) at all. As I'm looking at more complex methods, a station point ...
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