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Questions about materials, tools, and techniques specific to the craft of knitting. Those questions that apply to knitting but aren't specific to it may fit better in the [yarn] or [fiber-crafts] tags.

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2 answers

Does knitting needle material make a difference in knitting?

Knitting needles are available in wooden, metal and plastic materials. Are certain needles more forgiving of mistakes? Does the material itself have any effect on the process or product, besides ...
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How can I knit faster?

Although I don't knit every day, I'd say my knitting level is intermediate to advanced. The results that I get are good, but I feel I can improve my knitting speed. (And that 'just practice more' won'...
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Why and how do some people use circular knitting needles when working flat / not in the round?

Some people use circular knitting needles when they are working flat, aka not working in the round. Why is that and how does it work?
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How to rehab tightly wound yarn?

I used to do a terrible thing, I'd buy beautiful skeins of hand-dyed yarn and rush home and wind them into super tight balls by hand. I now have a ball winder and a lot more sense. I'm rewinding these ...
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How important is hand/finger position in fiber crafts?

I've been learning to knit and crochet by looking at various tutorials online. In the pictures and/or videos, the fingers are often positioned with respect to the needles or yarn in ways that don't ...
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