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For questions about crafts that are generally safe and engaging for children because of the materials and tools used, or because of their difficulty level.

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3 answers

What is the correct name for the simulated greenery used to make wreaths for doll house furnishing?

When making a Christmas scene for a classic American home made dolls House using traditional Midwest home crafting skills, it is common to include a holly wreath. What is the name given to green ...
4 votes
1 answer

Can I paint with acrylics over household gloss paint (oil-based)?

My daughter decided she wanted to making something out of wood, and the resulting wagon for toys is being painted with leftover household gloss paint in various colours (mainly by me as it's "...
9 votes
3 answers

What are some good car-crafts for long trips? [closed]

Sometimes on those long car rides, coloring doesn't cut it for a kid when parents are trying to avoid screen time. What are some good crafts that a kiddo can do in the car without making an overly ...
11 votes
7 answers

What materials can I use for faux stained glass?

I found this old colouring book that made pseudo stained glass. You colour it in however you want and then tear the page out and place it on the window. Certainly faster and cheaper then actual ...
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2 answers

Types of paint safe for children to make handprints out of, on canvas

I am looking to help our boys (5 and 7 years old) make their mother something like this for her birthday, but I have zero experience with painting beyond whatever I did in elementary school! I'm ...
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3 answers

Money clip rubber cement/hot glue?

The current project in my sewing group is making a money clip. My question is whether I should use rubber cement or hot glue to attach the magnets that hold the clip onto the money. If it helps, the ...
9 votes
2 answers

Artificially accelerating the discolouration of leaves

For a project I need leaves (apple, to be precise) that have turned into their fall colors. The leaves will be pressed later. Is there a method that creates the color change within a day or two? Or ...
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1 answer

Party Blowers to Noisemakers?

I went to the store to get a couple packs of party horns for a Bible story in Sunday school. However, I did not realize that they were actually party blowers that did not make any noise until I got ...
4 votes
1 answer

What's the name of this specific style of craft ball?

How would you describe this type of craft ball? It is about 3/4" in diameter with small, thin, shiny, glimmery ribbons. It's more compact and dense than most of the fuzzy craft balls I've found online ...
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4 answers

What materials can I use in a kids project to simulate simple cell biology?

A colleague of mine has a kid in junior high school (she is 13 for context). She has a project where she needs to make a simulation of cell structure and components. Similar to the example image below:...
12 votes
4 answers

Is there a kid-safe carving material?

I would like my oldest (about 3 1/2 years old right now) to carve something, because of the fun I had with my plaster carving. However, most carving requires sharp knives and firm materials that are ...
8 votes
2 answers

How to fix glass kaleidoscope inside cardboard tube

I have a maker/craft project making a kaleidoscope out of three mirrors and a badminton shuttlecock tube (sawn in half). This will be a project for a class of school kids aged 8-12, so we'll have to ...
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1 answer

Paint for kids' skin: what is suitable?

What sorts of paint are suitable to apply to kids' faces and hands, for events such as carnival or just for classroom use to play games - obviously non-toxic stuff?
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4 answers

Decorate the inside of a tube?

We tend to save the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels for crafts, like play binoculars and telescopes. The outsides are easy to decorate, the insides not so much. Painting is maybe ...
9 votes
2 answers

How can I get children's paper masks to last longer?

Paper masks are easy to make and can even be made by kids. However their life is limited to how long the mask will survive being used by children. An example of what I am describing would be this from ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to make the end of a kaleidoscope?

I would like to make a basic kaleidoscope out of cheap materials, such as cardboard tubes and foil confetti and colored beads. But, I'm not sure how to make the end of the kaleidoscope that would ...
9 votes
3 answers

Gluing pasta to paper?

I'm gluing dyed pasta to paper with my son, but it's hard to get it to stick without an obscene amount of glue (Elmer's liquid) or decoupage (Mod Podge). I'm using cardstock paper, so the glue doesn'...