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A pigment-containing liquid that is applied to a surface with pen, brush, or quill. Use this tag for general questions about ink as a substance, or selecting an appropriate ink for a project. See tag wiki for related tags.

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4 votes
1 answer

What is a dye based ink?

Camlin ink Are inks based on something else also? Why have they specified that their ink is dye based? What does dye based mean anyway? What other bases for ink are there?
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3 votes
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How to maintain dry ink in a fountain pen and Pilot V7 pens?

I have got a dry ink and I have a fountain pen and Pilot V7 pens. I wish to use the dry ink in the above-mentioned pens. I will refill the cartridge of the Pilot pen with this ink. What precautions am ...
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2 votes
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Printed document lifespan

How long will a document (black text) printed on standard paper using an inkjet printer last? I will keep it in an envelope in a normal house hold environment, not overly hot or cold. Looking for tips ...
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